Vlogging with Bitoy, Father’s Day stories in KMJS

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Vlogging with Bitoy, Father’s Day stories in KMJS

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From being a comedian to writer, then to a director, Michael V is now also a vlogger. Discover the world of vlogging with Bitoy this Sunday (June 21) in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS).

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Aly got the biggest scare and surprise of her life when she received an email from her father who has been dead for almost a year. This Father’s Day, witness how a father’s true love for his child transcends life and death.

Steph has always known she is an adopted child. During the community quarantine, she unlocked her father’s identity when she found her birth certificate. Will the Randall she searched on Facebook prove to be her real father?

In 2011, news started catching fire in Antique about a little girl who is believed to be with a supernatural power – conjuring flames out of nothing. Nearly a decade has passed. KMJS looks at what has happened to the girl believed to be a “Firestarter”.

Meanwhile, Rene used to have his pants tailor-made because of his enlarged left leg. But his leg continues to grow out of proportion. Find out the reason behind Rene’s condition.

An image of the Child Jesus in Naga is said to be perspiring and that it’s sweat has healing powers. How true is this claim?

And dance away with the latest online craze—the Binibining Marikit Dance Challenge.

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